How did Suslo Couture Begin?

Suslo Couture is a Men’s clothing brand that started around 20 years ago. Suslo couture clothing Started being manufactured in turkey in a 30,000 square foot factory with fabrics from the U.S Mills. Fifteen years ago, the U.S Mills started shutting down one by one, Suslo Couture was one of the 1st Brands who had the foresight to move all the factories overseas. Now Suslo Couture is still in partnerships with many factories in China. Suslo Couture will continue to reinvest and capitalize their partnerships, giving them and their factories a leading edge in the market place.

Which other brand is a part of Suslo Couture?

Here at SUSLO we make over 2,000 styles a year with other brand names. The other name we use is Azaro Uomo, this label was made for our Geometric and Casual prints and Suslo Couture is more for our Bold and Conversational Prints. Azaro Uomo has been opened for almost 10 years, this brand is continuing to grow, Our vendors has praised Azaro uomo for its comfortable fabric and its beautiful designs.

Why is Suslo Couture better than other brands?

The first thing you’ll notice when you put on a Suslo shirt is the fit. Our shirts have a tailored fit, not too tight but also not big and boxy. It’s long enough to tuck in and short enough to wear untucked. It’s a fit that’s absolutely fits you and your style. The second thing you will notice is our fabric, here at Suslo Couture we believe the right fabric is as much about the feel as it is the look. We forged relationships with the finest mills in Europe and around the world to ensure that every Suslo shirt feels as great as it looks. SUSLO has been praised and recognized by many in the industry for their foresight, on time deliveries, and Fashion Forward thinking.

Where can you find Suslo Couture?

Suslo Couture products are in over 800 retail boutiques around the world, you could also find us at these department stores TJ Max, Marshall’s, Citi Trends, DD’s, Burlington, Winners, and even more. If you’re in need in finding a store you can call or email our customer service team which open 7 days a week and is here to answer all your questions.

Where You can find our brand