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SUSLO was founded in 2007 by the Halabieh Family. A father of 3 young men began the journey for his children. After spending many years in the mens retail world.He deiced to start the brand with a vision and mission in mind.

The family lived with a mission in mind. Their goal was to dress the men of the world with style and comfort. Back to the early 1900s their Family was dressing the men of the world with the trendiest looks.The mission was to provide the bold/edgy look with updated quality at an amazing fair value.

Fast forward a decade and now they are providing luxury fashion at an amazing value to the globe. Specializing in button ups, blazers,polos and pants the SUSLO brand has transformed into a full lifestyle brand for the fashionable male.

The SUSLO brand was created with the stylish man in mind. A look that would turn heads and stand out compared to other boring brands. What began with a couple of paisley printed shirts turned into an astonishing selection of unique pieces that can catch the eye of any man. The brand began to have the nickname of "STATEMENT MAKER" as when putting on a SUSLO piece you instantly made a statement.


With 13 years in the books of building and introducing the brand to the world. Today the SUSLO brand offers its promise to its loyal customers. We will continue to work effortlessly to design and provide the trendiest mens apparel and the best value. We are constantly continuing to add new pieces and categories to our brand. We ask that you to follow along on our mission to bring life to mens apparel.

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