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About us



SUSLO COUTUTRE, Inc. was founded ten years ago by the Halabieh Family; Nissim, Eili, Albert, and Jack. They started out in a 5,000 square foot factory, buying fabrics from the turkish Mills, producing highly detailed shirts ,luxury sportcoats and fashion bottoms. They have a 75 year family history in Mens Apparel, going back to their Grandfather, who had his own Spinning and Weaving Mill overseas and tailoring. He taught his grandsons all about Fabrics and Techniques which they still use until today to create the demanded brand. ​ Production was in place and the customer demand began to increase. SUSLO then began to expand their product line by offering more than just designer shirting. Styling began to be focused on the company's initial moto "STATEMENT MAKERS". To ensure when a man puts on the s SUSLO brand they will not only feel unique but stand out in a fashionable crowd. ​ They continue to reinvest and capitalize their partnerships, giving them and their factories a leading edge in the market place. SUSLO has been praised and recognized by many in the industry for their foresight, on time deliveries, and Fashion Forward thinking. Today our styling team has produced over 3,500 unique SUSLO Shirts. They innovate everyday to find the latest trends to make sure our clients are dressed for the part.